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Company Exhibitors: 2017 Beijing Sign Show (The Eighth)
Release Time2017/4/29 15:58:40     SourceLECCO, Marketing Department     Reading3040 times

Beijing international printing and engraving technology exhibition and Beijing international LED lighting and display technology exhibition

Our company took part in 2017 Beijing Sign Show (The Eighth) from March 29, 2017 to 31, and success.

The exhibition is held in Beijing - National Convention Center (The northwest side of the bird's nest, the Olympic venues, the most modern exhibition hall in Beijing); OrganizerSION ExhibitionsChinaLtd.; Support unit: China Advertising Association logo branch, China Commercial Advertising Association, Beijing logo Industry Association, Beijing Advertising Industry Entrepreneur Club; Co-organizer: KODIPA, Japan Outdoor Advertising Association.

IntegrationWin-win -- Win-win Cooperation, Collaborative Development, Leveraging the Wisdom of the Wise is the theme of the exhibition.

Into the venue, you can see the six exhibition area. Respectively, advertising material pavilion, sign pavilion, brand printing equipment pavilion, UV printing equipment pavilion, photo equipment pavilion, and engraving machine, laser machine, bend machine pavilion. There were Beijing logo association group and Henan logo association group in sign pavilion.

There were 200 exhibitors, exhibition area of 40 thousand square meters.

At the scene, the companies were flourishing. Strong technical force, surprise; fascinating product design, beautiful; rich experience in exhibition talents, feeling. Suddenly, I know that competition is the eternal theme of progress.


KINDLION LINERLESS LAMINATION FILM is our main exhibits. 2 categories, 4 small classes:

1.     Economical& Environmental Glossy Cold Lamination FilmPH-G2

2.     Economical & Environmental Matt Cold Lamination FilmPH-M5

3.     Strong Adhesion & Low Noise Glossy Cold Lamination FilmPH-G3

4.     Strong Adhesion& Low Noise Matt Cold Lamination FilmPH-M6

KINDLION LINERLESS LAMINATION FILM has more powerful product type:

1.     Higher transparency;

2.     More realistic colors;

3.     Stronger resistance to shrinkage;

4.     Lower film noise;

At the scene, our professional staff to show the audience performance KINDLION LINERLESS LAMINATION FILM on the laminating machine. Rich technical experience and excellent product quality about the linerless lamination film of LECCO won the Most of the customer's praise.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation!

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